The Embraced project encompasses a feature-length documentary. The story arc covers family, classroom, criminal justice, controversy, neuroscience and finishes with stories of success and hope.

A prerecorded discussion panel will accompany the documentary during the film’s release at select theaters. There are also two educational segments planned to specifically address educators and medical professionals.

Filming will honor the stories of those with FASD and those who embrace them from all walks of life. The stigma, skepticism, and inequality surrounding FASD will be addressed as part of the production. Filming will occur in several major cities across the U.S. and Canada. Whenever possible, those with FASD will be included as crew: camera operators, grips, gaffers, music composition, and other aspects of production for Embraced — a film for, with, and by the FASD community. Celebrities sensitive to FASD will be sought for involvement in several ways to help draw attention to this critical project. Once the film has been released we will look to establish and build ongoing supports for the FASD community in various ways, including education.

Initial production has begun in Minneapolis/St. Paul as seen in the video above to build momentum.

This vision includes reaching out to you, the reader, to become a grassroots participant via financial support. To scale Embraced with a national reach that can change the conversation of FASD, we need your financial support. Please consider donating and your name will be added to the end credits of the documentary.

Phase One: Grassroots Fundraising // Initial Production // Initial Collaboration

Phase Two: National Production // National Collaboration // Initial National Marketing

Phase Three: Post Production (editing, music, graphics, etc.) // National Marketing & Sponsorships to release the film in twenty five (25) theaters as community events.

Phase Four: Ongoing support for the FASD community.