Why Contribute to embraced?

Bottom line, you can feel good about helping change the conversation and making a difference in the life of a child regarding the Western Hemisphere’s number one birth defect — FASD. A little awareness can go a long way in preventing a child from being born with a life-long brian injury. For Embraced to become a national conversation, we need your financial help.

Thank you for donating!

With your donation we will add your name to the end-credits of the documentary and you can embrace your part in starting a national conversation concerning FASD, how cool is that!

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sponsored by Hope & Rescue Foundation

Please Note: When making a donation to Embraced, you will receive tax exempt notice from Hope & Rescue Foundation (HRF), a federally (U.S.) recognized 501c3 nonprofit. The mission of HRF is to address awareness and education of issues that that drive human trafficking. FASD is conservatively reported to be between 2 to 5% of the US population and comprises 50% of the prison populations for both men and women.

Mental health issues, like FASD contributes to the issue of human trafficking. Individuals with FASD are especially vulnerable due to dysmaturity, impulsivity and limited cause and effect. Most significantly they want friends, are easily preyed upon, and struggle to understand how their actions are connected to extremely dangerous consequences.

Due to high numbers and the community related issues of mental health of FASD, the board of HRF decided Embraced was a very worth while project to sponsor. Production is being managed by Sam In A Can [Productions] on behalf of HRF. 




International Alliance Red Shoes Rock. FASD Aware co-founder Jodee Kulp.